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Picking out the Perfect Diamond for You

When a potential client gets in touch with me to purchase an engagement diamond; after my congratulations, I’ll begin asking questions about what they want. I’ll give a rundown of the 4C’s: Carat weight, Clarity, Color & Cut.  I’m always honored that they put their trust & confidence in my ability to help them choose the “perfect” diamond while always being considerate of their budget. In a collaborative fusion of design, including the client & By His Design Co, we hand carve the custom jewelry piece using the ancient lost wax casting process which will be explained to the client in detail if they choose the custom route. Relying on a crew of skilled diamond setters makes the job far less stressful as, over the years, they’ve  consistently delivered an exquisite and unique finish to the collaboration. The greatest joy for me is to hear back from the fiancés about the proposal and it’s really great when they share pictures or videos of the event.  One client just sent an amazing video of his fiancé’s beautiful 1.5 carat diamond ring sparkling & scintillating in the moonlight down at the shore.  It’s just the best❤️

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